The Journal of Liv Theed

In a small mountain town, a young teenage girl lives in fear of the dark. Lurking in the shadows, she sees Them, the fallen creatures that whisper in her ear, speaking of the damned and the days to come.

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The Hunter

Sanctuary is a shack as dark and ominous as The Hunter’s damaged soul. Here his victim’s share their final moments with him before he artfully displays his handiwork to the world on church doors, crosses and public monuments. Obsessed with Olivia Hinson, the detective assigned to the case, he watches her at the scenes of his crimes. Who will win this game of hide and seek?

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Liv Theed II

Second installment of the Liv Theed Series. A work in progress.

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A little about me

I live in California with my wife and three young daughters. I attended college at the University of San Diego where I graduated with honors. After college, I entered into the construction business with my family, building schools and gas stations and homes. Then, about ten years later I started writing for the fun of it.

What I love most about writing is the ability to manipulate and play with both words and sentence structure. I am defiantly not a conventional writer, finding myself far more concerned with the rhythm and/or tone of the story rather than whether each line is grammatically correct.

I love to read books by Stephen King, C.S. Lewis, William Faulkner, and Cormac McCarthy.

My message to all the aspiring authors/writers out there is to follow your dreams. Don’t give up. You are going to get stuck and you are going to get frustrated, but don’t ever quit trying. Everyone has a story to tell, so tell yours.